What is Nexus?

Nexus is an independent service providing technical information on many thin film materials used to protect high value products exposed to aggressive elements. These materials include conformal coatings, ultra thin coatings, encapsulates and potting compounds.

Who works at Nexus?

Nexus brings together the accumulated knowledge of the industries experts from across the world. The staff working in Nexus are experienced experts, consultants and engineers who either can offer valuable insight into issues related to a particular material type or know where to get the help.

What is Nexus’s purpose?

Nexus want to provide a unique service. We are focussed on helping users find answers on all areas of their particular material or process through independent advice.

What services do Nexus provide?

Nexus can help in all areas of the material process. This includes providing technical knowledge, instruction and advice through many outlets including an ebook, articles, videos, newsletters, a blog and a help line.

The technical knowledge covers all areas including NPI ( New Product Introduction ), process development, troubleshooting, standards and many other areas.

We also provide up to date industry knowledge on new products and Standards, and can link users with suppliers through directories for materials, equipment and services.

Finally, we provide unique training courses and advanced levels of consultancy.

How does Nexus provide technical knowledge?

Nexus provide a free to use ebook on all areas of conformal coating, Parylene and ultra thin film processing.

The ebook looks at all areas of conformal coating, ultra thin coatings and Parylene including basic understanding, materials and application process analysis, process control and troubleshooting.

Who is Nexus aimed at?

Nexus is aimed at many different people. They include engineers who are improving their process and / or have a problem with the production line. It also aimed at the teams that are bringing in a new project and have to develop a solution to protect the product. In fact, Nexus aims to provide services for all people involved in thin film coatings protecting products.

Where do Nexus operate?

Nexus operate across most areas of the globe including North America, Europe and Asia.

How does Nexus make money?

Nexus makes money through advertisement revenue and offering training and consultancy packages.

Dr Hitchens sums up Nexus,

“The demands on all areas of conformal coating and the processes that apply them are becoming more and more complex with the exponential growth in electronics. Couple this with the integration of other new technologies, the growing knowledge gap within companies and the lack of time to learn for most engineers and you find a very difficult situation for most users.

Nexus is here to bridge the gap.

Independent of all material and major capital equipment suppliers, our services can offer a unique perspective into conformal coating that users can tap into, as much or as little as needed. We can champion the user but also offer help to the supplier who needs to educate a rapidly growing market across the globe.”