Online conformal coating eBook

Dr Lee Hitchens, Nexus Conformal Coating Consultant
Dr Lee Hitchens, Nexus eBook Author

This conformal coating ebook was written for many different people.

Those people include:

  • Designers who specify the materials
  • Production and process engineers who introduce the coating process
  • Supervisors who run the day to day production
  • The operators who have to use the conformal coatings

It was also designed around the many stages that conformal coating could be considered.

Those stages can include:

  • Design
  • Specification
  • Production
  • Process Control
  • Repair
  • Troubleshooting.

The form of the book is instructional with the emphasis on practical information.  There are many works in the market that cover the theory in more detail.

It is also written in a simple format to allow users with less proficient english skills to read it.

Finally, a key fact is that the ebook is written as an evolving information source and will be regularly added to it.

The Structure

The book is written in sections as follows:

There are further details below on the various sections.

The Basics

This answers all the simple questions such as, “What is a conformal coating and Why use it”?

It also addresses the most fundamental of questions. That is how to select a conformal coating material, system or process.

Holisitc Approach to conformal coating

The Basics Section addresses fundamental questions like material and process selection

This is the holistic approach to conformal coating that can lead to a less troubled approach to selection.

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Conformal coating materials can be considered in many ways. We can examine the different families of the coatings. We can look at the properties of the films. We can also look at the chemistries of these materials.

This section of the ebook aims to explain the vast range of options and considerations available and help the user gain a deeper knowledge.

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There are two types of design that are related to conformal coating.

These are:

Defining both can be critical to the success of the product.

Get the design for reliability wrong and the product may fail in the long term before the expected lifetime is reached.

Fail to design for the conformal coating process correctly, and the product may not even reach the field due to excessive costs.

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Conformal coatings can be applied in many alternative ways to printed circuit boards. This section looks at the different application methods in many different ways.

Each of the various methods has different advantages and disadvantages and are discussed in detail.

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There are seven key stages when considering the conformal coating production process.

Not all stages may be used in a production line. But, each stage should be considered for use when setting up a new coating process.

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Problems in conformal coating can be broken down into two sections. These are (a) problems associated with processing and (b) problems in the short, medium and long-term reliability of the circuit board or product coated.

The scope of this section is really to focus on troubleshooting the problems associated with conformal coating processing and production.

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There are several methods for removal of conformal coatings from circuit boards. They fall into two categories. These are localised repair and complete removal.

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There are International, National, National Trade Bodies and internal company Standards for conformal coating processing and inspection. The role of the Standard is to give a guideline for users on the quality of the product.

For Conformal Coating Standards there are two areas that the section covers. These are Material Manufacture and Production Process. These are examined in detail including IPC, Mil Standard and UL.

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Alternative coatings

Examines alternative materials to the traditional liquid conformal coatings like Parylene and the Fluoropolymer Surface Modifiers.

The section looks at the materials, application methods, processes and key challenges in conformal coating production. This is the section where all of the various components are described in great detail so that a good solid knowledge of conformal coating can be developed.

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