Co-authors and contributors

  • Dr Lee Hitchens, Nexus

MIL-I-46058C, Amendment 7: Military Specification for Insulating Compound, Electrical (For Coating Printed Circuit Assemblies) is a military standard that establishes qualification and conformance requirements for conformal coatings.

The standard was declared “inactive for new design” since November 1998.

However, material manufacturers can still complete testing.

The Standard determines which conformal coatings are suitable for application to printed circuit boards by dipping, brushing, spraying, or vacuum deposition.

The standard outlines the qualification, retention of qualification, and quality conformance testing for a conformal coating.

The Mil standard requirement is for independent third party certification.

The Qualified Materials are placed on a Qualified Product List (QPL).

This list is maintained since all military manufacturers must select and use coatings from this list.


Material suppliers regularly claim to ‘meet the requirements’ of MIL-I-46058C.

Care should be taken since the testing may not be as rigorous as the Independent testing which is required to meet the QPL.