• Dr Lee Hitchens, Nexus

Corrosion is the chemical or electrochemical reaction between a circuit board, usually a metal, and its environment, that produces a deterioration of the circuit and its properties.

Corrosion can occur without a conformal coating being present.

A conformal coating can help prevent corrosion as a complete process.

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Causes of corrosion in conformal coating

Factors that influence corrosion and, or electrochemical migration, usually revolve around ionic contamination the cleanliness of a circuit.

These contaminants come from electronic processes such as:

  • Board fabrication: The Laminate goes through a lot of chemical processes. The cleaning of the chemicals is crucial to ensure the contaminants are removed.
  • Components: Components also can get contaminated. Again, cleanliness is critical
  • Assembly equipment: the Equipment used to make the circuit board may add contamination
  • Soldering: The flux residues can have a major influence on the reliability of the circuit.
  • Operator handling: People can add contamination in a variety of ways
  • Incorrect cleaning: The cleaning process may not clean the boards correctly or leave cleaning fluid residues on the circuit due to a failure to rinse the board.

How to prevent corrosion in conformal coating

  • Clean the board: It is possible to minimise the majority of corrosion effects by using an effective cleaning process before conformal coating.
  • Process control: If you are using a no clean process then tightening up the production process is critical.
  • Inspection: Full inspection of Incoming boards and components, for solderability and cleanliness.
  • Operator Cleanliness: All operators wear gloves.
  • Select the right manufacturing materials: Use “low residue” no clean flux/paste that is harmless to the circuit.
  • Solder Process: The soldering window fine-tuned and the system controlled.
  • Rework: Low residue wire/flux used for rework.

Download our PDF guide Solving conformal coating problems in the application process now.



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