Analysing your coating process, whether its a conformal coating line or a Parylene batch system, can have huge benefits due to improvements made in the production performance.

Using our expert knowledge and experience we can examine your individual production processes and examine your output for your coating line.

We can then look to save money, time, and / or improve quality, depending on your needs.

A typical audit would include

  • A site visit to audit the customer’s conformal coating facilities and processes surrounding the conformal coating area.
  • Discussions with staff members regarding the conformal coating processes, understanding their needs for production, the requirements for the product to be protected by the conformal coating and any other issues such as commercial or health & safety restraints
  • Analysis of the conformal coating process findings with recommendations for further improvements delivered in a report for future reference

Working with you to understand your requirements an priorities, we can tailor the system to fit your needs, whilst employing the best knowledge available for your field of production.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements.