June Newsletter

Why selecting a conformal coating can cost you a fortune!

Choosing a coating to protect your product should be easy. So, why does it go wrong so often?

Find out why and how to stop it happening.

The critical areas of designing for conformal coating

Are these phrases familiar on the conformal coating production line to you? “Who designed this process?”, “This is impossible. We can’t meet their requirements”, “How did they decide to coat this board this way?”

If so read on and prevent it happening to you.

eBook additions

New Start Here section

For new users to Nexus we have a Start here section that highlights key areas people are using regularly.

New Practical masking for Conformal Coating Section

Nexus have collated a range of conformal coating masking videos looking at different materials including masking tapes, dots, liquid latex and masking boots. Find out more

Updated Selective robotic spraying Section

The section has been upgraded to examine the different spray valves, analyse the different techniques and give plenty of video and photograph examples. Click for Selective Spraying

Updated Design Section

The section has been completely re-organised and includes new sections on designing for reliability, designing for process and design rules for all of the different application processes.

eBook peer review

Special thanks this month for help in reviewing the eBook to:

Kara DeConno, PVA
Jason Delaney, Curtiss-Wright
Lloyd Duso, Diamond MT
Mike Kosla, Applied Microstructures
Karl Hardcastle, SCH Technologies

The specialist knowledge within the eBook has been collated and is continuously peer reviewed where possible. This means that the knowledge gains more value to the user since it has been checked and validated for its technical correctness.

We hope this means you end up with the right content for you.
If you would like to peer review a section please let us know.