April Newsletter


Nexus has gone through a series of changes in the last year. This is due in part to the changes in thin film coating technology now available in electronics and related sectors.

For Nexus to adapt to these changes we have launched a new website this week and added in a complete online ebook on conformal coatings and other related coatings.

The online ebook is a great new edition to anyone in conformal coating and related materials.

The guide will cover everything from the basics, materials, equipment, production, process and troubleshooting relating to conformal coating. This will be done with information, photos and videos plus up to date articles and reports.

Further, we have also included a rapidly growing section on alternative coatings.

This includes materials such as the fluoropolymers and many niche coatings in the PVD, CVD and MVD areas that compliment the traditional conformal coatings. Due to the recent changes in coating technology we felt it was important to include these coatings to fill the gap in knowledge needed for engineers

Finally, the ebook Its also an online work that will continuously be updated and added to. For example, next month we are adding sections on Design and Practical Masking for conformal coating, plus new sections on ALD and MVD coatings to the Alternative Coatings section of the ebook.

All these changes have have been a lot of work and we hope you like it. Let us know what you think and be entered into the prize drawer for a great prize!

Dr Lee Hitchens, Nexus


 E-Book Launch
We have created a FREE online conformal coating ebook for designers, production and process engineers and technicians that is launched this month. Find out more



A circuit board protected by a fluoropolymer coatingThe Rise of the Hybrid Coating Process

Find out how traditional conformal coatings and the new fluoropolymers could be combined to create even better protection.

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What is Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)?

Atomic Layer Deposition

There are many niche coating processes being used that compliment conformal coatings.

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NEW Website and Ebook Launch

The NEW website for Nexus was officially launched this week.

Coming up next month


  • Molecular Vapour Deposition (MVD) – How does this compare with Parylene and other vapour deposition coatings?
  • Tin Whiskers – What’s the current understanding in conformal coating?
  • NEW Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) Coating Section
  • NEW Molecular Vapour Deposition (MVD) Coating Section
  • NEW Practical masking for conformal coating
  • NEW Design for conformal coating Section
  • NEW Spotlight Service
  • NEW Events Calendar

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