Conformal Coating Help GuidesFull training packages are available on all areas of conformal coating and Parylene.

The training can be made up of many topics including:

  • Basic understanding
  • Equipment & material selection
  • Troubleshooting and Problem solving
  • Process development (liquid and Parylene)
  • Inspection and standards

Nexus run both wet liquid conformal coating and parylene training courses at the customer facilities, at our own premises or a mutually convenient venue.

The training course can be tailored to customer needs with materials, practical sessions, videos, samples etc added where required.

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Typical areas of conformal coating training include:

Basic Concepts of conformal coating
  • Definitions of what a conformal coating is
  • What conformal coating actually does?
  • Why use conformal coating?
  • Types of chemistry and technology
Selection of conformal coating materials
  • How to select a coating fit for purpose
  • Standards & Specifications
Application Techniques for conformal coating materials
  • All Conformal coating methods investigated
  • Comparison of processes to show when AND WHEN NOT to use
Quality Control & Inspection of conformal coating processes
  • Analysis of Conformal Coating IPC Standards
  • What they mean to engineers in areas such as production, NPI & design
  • Developing In house Inspection Standards
Controlling your conformal coating process
  • Conformal coating thickness measurement
  • The effects of viscosity and how to control it
  • Conformal coating fluid behaviour and how it effects reliability
  • Curing and drying conformal coatings
  • Examining the majority of conformal Coating problems
  • Understanding why the conformal coating problems occur
  • How to resolve the conformal coating problems
Repairing your coating
  • The various techniques available for removing and reapplying conformal coating materials
Legislation and Standards
  • A review of current standards and legislation
  • How legislation impacts on current conformal coating processing
Clean or No Clean?
  • Eliminating cleaning from with your conformal coating process
  • Cleaning process problems with conformal coating
  • Adhesion and cleaning
  • Bringing cleaning into the conformal coating process
Cost of coating assemblies
  • Showing the true cost of the conformal coating process
  • All costs assessed (equipment, staff, materials, overheads)
  • In-house versus Outsourcing. An informed comparison
  • Cost model for costing for conformal coating processing
Testing & Evaluation of Coatings
  • How to assess a conformal coating material
  • The current standards available benchmarked
  • What & why are you testing for?
Correct design for coating
  • Design rules for conformal coating application
Masking options and methods
  • Masking techniques assessed
  • Best practice in the industry
Parylene Coating
  • Why choose Parylene?
  • What are your options?
  • Parylene Process Development
  • Parylene troubleshooting
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