Curtiss Wright Parylene Coating Services

Parylene Coatings

Parylene is considered by many to be the very best thin film conformal coating for environmental protection in high reliability applications.

Some of the benefits to electronics include:

  • Complete conformance to the substrate – no bridging, pooling or edge effect.
  • Dielectric strength of 6-7 kV/mil
  • Tin whisker suppressant – the best thin film protection for electronic systems.
  • Significantly improved lead free solder joint life
  • Environmental protection – repelling moisture, liquids, chemicals, gases, temperature and fungus.
  • Suitable for most delicate and sensitive applications.
  • Advanced adhesion promoters developed at Curtiss-Wright provide excellent adhesion to low surface energy substrates such as polyimide (Kapton®), noble metals, plastics and elastomers.

Link to video animation of the Parylene coating process

About Curtiss-Wright

Curtiss-Wright is a NYSE listed global diversified industrial company that provides niche highly engineered products and services to industries including Medical, Aerospace, Defence, Automotive and Energy.

As part of the Surface Technology Division our Parylene Coating Services was set up in 1991. Founding expertise extends back as part of Union Carbide’s development team who commercialised Parylene over 40 years ago.

Today our facilities in North America and Europe provide specialist Parylene coatings mainly for the Aerospace and Medical Device Industries.

Our proprietary Dimers, the precursor for Parylene are over 99.7%.

We welcome new development and evaluation projects and provide a collaborative low cost and fast turnaround service.

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Company Type: Coating Service Provider, Material Supplier