Elder Masking tapes and rubberElder Tapes and Rubber

Elder has been supporting the conformal coating and other industries for many years, with our broad range of products and low volume quantity.

As the only global supplier of the Mustard silicone free polyester Masking Tape, when this product was made obsolete. Elder Tapes & Rubber developed a suitable alternative ET501G.

We can supply all our materials in slit rolls or dots.

For the Electronics, Printed Circuit Boards and conformal coating needs.

  • Conformal coating masking tapes and dots from Elder Engineering
  • Conformal coating masking dots from Elder Engineering
  • The full range of conformal coating masking tapes and dots from Elder Engineering

Products and Services


  • ET400 Silicone Free Paper Masking Tape from 3mm to 740mm
  • ET400D Silicone Free Paper Masking Dots from Ø2mm
  • ET600 Polyimide Masking Tape
  • ET600D Polyimide Masking Dots
  • ET501G Silicone Free Polyester Masking Tape from 3mm to 500mm
  • ET501GD Silicone free polyester Masking dots


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Contact: Kirsty Wise

Email: tapes@elderengineering.co.uk

Address: Elder Tapes and Rubber, A Division Of Elder Engineering (Herts) Ltd, City Park Watchmead Welwyn Garden City Herts AL7 1LT

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